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Hello and welcome to roof bars for cars! We, The Peter Bowman Towing Centre, set up this site to help you find the right products for your lifestyle and individual needs. Our main website, which you can visit here, is home to a wider range of products and services for the outdoor explorer.

Roof Bars

We have a range of roof bars to suit your budget and lifestyle needs, from the most basic square roof bars to more aerodynamic roof bars and slidebars.

Which roof bar is right for me?

Before you select a roof bar we recommend that you consider a few things first…


This is probably the most important thing to consider before looking for a roof bar. Thule Roof bars range from around £39-£300. Once you’ve considered all the factors below, you may want to adjust your budget slightly, as it could help you to make savings in the long run. For example, if you plan to use your roof bar frequently, and for long journeys, a roof bar with an aerodynamic design such as the Thule wing bar can help to minimize excess fuel consumption, caused by carrying extra cargo.


Different styles of roof bar offer different benefits for each lifestyle. Consider what you will be loading onto your roof bar. Will you be using your roof bar a few times yearly, to carry excess luggage to the airport, or do you plan on using it regularly to carry your mountain bike and kayaking equipment? The Thule slide bar is a great choice when loading heavier sport equipment such as mountain bikes or kayaks. The bar easily slides out to overhang the vehicle, making it easy to load on equipment.

How Often and How Far you Travel

If you plan on using your roof bar for frequent travel, or long journeys, a roof bar with an aerodynamic design such as the thule wing bar or wingbar edge will probably be the most sensible option. In contrast if you plan on using your roof bar less frequently, you may want to opt for a less expensive, but less aerodynamic option such as a squarebar.

Your vehicle

It’s important that your vehicle is fitted with the correct roof bar for the manufacturer and model. To find out which roof bars are suitable for your car, visit our roof bar guide here. If you own a large vehicle, you may want to take a look at the Thule slidebar. Thule Slidebars can make it easy for you to load large and heavy cargo items onto taller cars.

Thule Square Bars

Great For:

• Additional Luggage transportation
• Camping equipment
• Less frequent use
• Short journeys

Thule Slide Bars

Great For:

• Mountain Bikers and Cyclists
• Kayakers
• Climbers
• Taller cars
• Easy installation of loading accessories such as bike carriers
• Frequent use

Thule Wing bars

Great for:

• Frequent use
• Long journeys
• Saving on fuel costs
• Diffusing noise when travelling
• Easy installation of loading accessories
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